Top 10 Single Person Meal Delivery Services

February 26, 2021

Cooking for yourself might be such a tiresome or time-taking process, especially if you run a career or have many household activities. However, finding single person meal delivery services is not deprived of complexity as well. Today, you may come across dozens of weekly subscription parties; however, they all cater for two servings or two-person orders instead of single person ones. In particular, it also concerns those people who wonder whether Hello Fresh or Blue Apron for single people are. Unfortunately, they are not.

To help you find the best home delivery meals for one person and which may be sent straight to your door, this review will cover the top 10 options for your lonely hunger.

#1 Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen main page

Short Overview

Let’s start with Snap Kitchen, which is a weekly subscription service perfect for busy people, singles who love to eat at home, and those who do not have such a soft skill as time-management (you are not the only one). The company is powered by a registered dietician who weekly crafts recipes with organic ingredients aimed to boost one’s health and lower the risks of many diseases. As per their official statement, they want to help customers to boost their mood, reduce inflammation, promote clear skin as well as enhance their sleep. Snap Kitchen meal delivery for single people is known to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences; however, they fit most people who follow a low-carb diet. All the recipes do not require any cooking since you have to put all the ingredients into the microwave or oven to reheat and then enjoy your nutritious dish.

Cost per week -If going for a 12 recipes plan per week, the cost starts from $114.99, while a 6 recipes plan costs $69.99.

Types of menu – Low-carb, high-protein, keto-friendly, balanced menus as well as a total custom option to build your own box.

Delivery area – They currently deliver to the majority of North-West parts of the U.S. To get to know whether your area is servicing, check by entering your ZIP code with their website.


  • 12 recipes plan = $9.58 per meal, 6 recipes plan = $11.67 per meal. Free shipping.


  • They have a designated webpage for all inquiries and FAQs. No phone or email mentioned to contact them directly.

#2 Fresh N Lean

Fresh n`Lean main page

Short Overview

Fresh N Lean is also a go-choice meal service for singles that cares about organic ingredients and dietary preferences. They have farms located in California where their farmers source only fully-nutrient ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, wild-caught fish as well as grass-fed beef. The company does not freeze or fry anything but goes for grilling and steaming to preserve the best nutritional value for single person orders. You may choose either one of their best meal kits for singles or dishes from a La Carte menu. They all fit athletes who seek protein-based recipes, as well as those who want to follow a low-carb diet and optimize their fitness routine. Finally, when surfing their official website, one may learn more about performance, diets, and healthy routines from renowned sportsmen. And, find the Food Safety page, where unlike other competitors, they managed to describe all their philosophy and goals in providing people with certified and doctors-approved foods only.

Cost per week – $118.95 – $161.70 depending on the preferred plan.

Types of menu – Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Vegan standard, Vegan low-carb, A La Carte menus.

Delivery area – Their delivery area services every state in the United States.


  • Protein+ – $10.41 per dish, Keto – $10.78 per dish, Paleo – $10.78 per dish, Vegan standard – $7.93, Vegan low-carb – $9.63 per dish. Shipping is free.


  • One may reach their customer support team through phone, email as well as live chat. They have a designated FAQs page.

#3 Real Eats

RealEats main page

Short Overview

Another food delivery for single person is Real Eats. The company boasts healthy-chef prepared meal kits for singles that do not require any cooking. They source their fresh ingredients from small farms and support them by promoting local ingredients. With Real Eats, you have an option for going for 12, 8, 6, and 4 single person dishes per week, which is convenient when you are very busy. Furthermore, they are fully suitable for people who have certain dietary preferences. Regardless of Paleo or gluten-free recipe you order, all of them may be stored in a refrigerator for up to one week. Upon the request, one may add breakfasts and snacks to single person order. To enjoy your meal, only reheating is required with a microwave or oven. Based on customers’ feedback, they offer restaurant-style recipes; hence, if you crave gourmet-like cuisines, Real Eats is a real deal.

Cost per week – 12 dishes – $131.88 without adds-on, 8 dishes- $95.92 without adds-on , 6 dishes – $77.94 without adds-on, 4 dishes – $59.96 without adds-on.

Types of menu – Their menu is divided per meals only; however, you may find gluten-free, Paleo, low-calorie options. Upon request, the service may also recommend dishes based on your requirements.

Delivery area – They deliver to most states in the U.S.


  • 12 recipes plan -$8.26 per dish, 8 recipes plan – $9.00 per dish, 6 recipes plan – $9.75 per dish, 4 recipes plan – $11.25 per dish. Adds-on varies in cost, starting from $4.68 up to $13.60. Shipping is free.


  • You may contact them through email, phone, and live chat. They do also have a designated FAQs page.

#4 Home Bistro

Home Bistro main page

Short Overview

This food delivery service for one person is known to be headed by a world-renowned chef. Cat Cora crafts restaurant-like meals for single person orders and just those who want to access non-trite combinations of ingredients. Simultaneously, Home Bistro is a good choice for people who have certain dietary preferences.

One may find Paleo, diabetic-friendly, heart-healthy, vegetarian, and pescatarian recipes. Similar to other single person services, their recipes do not require much cooking time. You have to boil them in their bags or reheat using the microwave. The average cooking time is 10 minutes only. As for ingredients, they are all sourced locally and come to you pre-packed for your convenience.

Some of the meals are available with less refined sugar if you care about your diet. This service is also friendly regarding the certificates if you want to present someone an opportunity to try out world-renowned chef cuisine at home. It is good for birthdays or anniversaries, whatever you like.

Cost per week – The price is directly dictated by their bundles. You may order 7, 10, 20 dishes per week. They vary in cost, starting from $161 up to $299.99 depending on your preferences.

Types of menu – Cat Cora’s recipes, vegetarian, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic-friendly, heart-friendly, etc.

Delivery area – They deliver nationally.


  • The average cost per dish is $16-$18. Everything depends on the bundle you go for. Shipping cost depends on orders.


  • You may contact them by submitting an online request on their website. They also have a FAQs page.

#5 Freshly

Freshly main page

Short Overview

Another best meal delivery for one person is Freshly. This service is quite popular among customers since they have interesting options for people who try to stay fit and eat healthily. Only fresh and qualitative ingredients and a minimum cooking time. Logically to assume, their prepared foods are never frozen but fresh. Similar to other meal delivery services for one person, you may order 12, 10, 6, and 4 dishes per week. They have a gluten-free meal subscription box for one person, crafted classics, peanut-free, and fit-meals. If needed, their recipes may be refrigerated for up to 5 days. As for cooking, all the meals require a minimum of 3 minutes of reheating to start enjoying them. Everything comes pre-portioned per single person. Beyond that, they carry a food philosophy that may attract many people. They cater for less sugar and less processed ingredients but do their best to nourish every recipe with vitamins and minerals.

Cost per week – 12 meal plan starts from $101.88, 10 meal plan starts from $89.90, 6 meal plan starts from $56.94, and 4 meal plan is $45.96.

Types of menu – Crafted classics, FreshlyFit, TakeoutTwist, and Signature collection. All of them may be customized per single person order, and one’s dietary preferences.

Delivery area – They currently service 48 states across the U.S.


  • 4 recipe plan – $11.49 per meal, 6 recipe plan – $9.49 per meal, 10 recipe plan – $8.99 per meal, and 12 recipe plan is $8.49 per meal. Shipping cost varies.


  • You may reach the customer support team through a live chat or by contacting them by email or phone.

#6 Meal Pro

Meal Pro main page

Short Overview

One of the next healthy meal delivery services for one person is Meal Pro. This company promises the same benefits found with many competitors – healthy foods, high-quality ingredients, and fast to prepare recipes for a single person, athletes, or professionals who run out of time for cooking. Meal Pro does not have any fixed menus; hence you may feel free in customizing options for the weekly delivery. From their side, they have a rotating one person meal kits menu and meet many dietary preferences. By ordering with them, your single person meals are each plated, and you have to only reheat them using the microwave. Foods come in vacuum-sealed containers that preserve their freshness. As for the detailed description of their ingredients, Meal Pro offers sustainably-caught and sourced seafood, meat-free of antibiotics and hormones, as well as non-GMO vegetables. Finally, they do their best to opt for natural seasonings like lemon, lime, and herbs only, etc.

Cost per week – 18 meals per box – approximately $210.58 per week (depending on the dishes you choose), 20 meals per box – approximately $211.80 (depending on the dishes you choose).

Types of menu – There is no fixed menu for single person orders; hence, you customize your box per your preferences only.

Delivery area – Their delivery area services the continental U.S and some parts of Canada.


  • The meals start from $9.99 to $15.99. Shipping is $9.99.


  • Their customer support team may be reached by phone or by submitting a request on their website.

#7 Mama Sezz

Mama Sezz main page

Short Overview

Another best meal delivery service for one person who seeks plant-based recipes is Mama Sezz. As per their official website statement, their perk compared to other services is 0% bad stuff in the foods. Therefore, any single person ordering with them might expect only high-quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients. You should choose it if you seek customization and want to feel yourself a chef. Simultaneously, all the single person recipes are done by reheating them; hence, no cooking required. Another perk with Mama Sezz is their commitment to one’s health. They collaborate with leading health authorities, including the American Institute of Cancer Research, to build great twists that won’t harm one’s health. Order grilled veggies or walnut taco meat, burgers, tasty sauces, and forget about trite combinations. What else? Mama Sezz single person meal delivery has many bundles, including Detox+Reboot, peak performance, and protein specialties for those who are into sports activities. You may shop at A La Carte with them as well.

Cost per week – There is a fixed price per their single person bundles. Classic Bundle costs $169, while Small Bundle great for single person order is $129.

Types of menu – There are bundles and customization options to choose from. They accommodate gluten-free, wheat-free, meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, peanut-free, soy-free options, etc. Bundles available are good for people on diets and athletes.

Delivery area – They deliver nationally.


  •  They typically charge $4 -$6 per serving. The shipping cost is around $19.95.


  • They have a live chat, or you may contact them by email. They have a FAQs page.

#8 Sprinly

Sprinly main page

Short Overview

Sprinly is a quite popular meal delivery for one person who loves plant-based recipes. The company offers organic ingredients with no refined sugar, less processed foods, and no added preservatives. Sprinly is a go-choice for single person orders if you also seek gluten-free and vegan meals for your nourishment. They do not freeze their prepared foods, hence, you may only reheat and enjoy them. No cooking time is required. Similar to other meal kits for one person, they offer 6, 12, and 18 recipes to order weekly, and you can customize options per your preferences. As for dietary restrictions, they do not have fixed menus like Paleo, Keto; however, by choosing the meals, you may find those single person dishes that do not have certain ingredients. The portions of prepared foods are quite large, hence, you may even share them with your partner. Finally, this meal kit delivery for one person claims to craft all the recipes and then approve them with their nutritionists and doctors.

Cost per week – 6 meal plan is $109, 12 meal plan is $199, and 18 recipes per week is $289.

Types of menu – There is no fixed menu, however, many options fit vegan and gluten-free single person orders.

Delivery area – This single person food service currently serves the East Coast, Midwest, and South of the United States.


  • You pay for single person meal bundles only since there are no fixed prices per servings. Shipping is free of charge.


  • You may contact them by phone and email only. They have a designated FAQs page.

#9 Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta main page

Short Overview

This single person meal delivery service opts for people who would love to change their nutrition. They offer meals for following a diet and losing weight gradually. Simultaneously, you may still enjoy their single person recipes without any desire for diets. Trifecta Nutrition has a rotating menu with changing flavors and ingredients to burn out the calories. All the options are crafted by professional chef Mario Limaduran. By ordering with them, your eating routine is likely to change for the best since all recipes meet daily fat/protein/carbs goals. Alongside this, they focus on adding more protein. An interesting fact is that Trifecta is supported by many renowned athletes who choose their single person plans weekly as well. By surfing their official website, you may find many motivational photos of real customers who managed to lose weight by relying on this food delivery for one person. Finally, Trifecta is a perfect choice if you want to become a community member alongside those people who also set their weight-loss targets. Join them on Facebook and share how far you have gone.

Cost per week – Clean plan – $108.43, Paleo plan – $108.43, Keto plan – $108.43, Vegan plan – $113.90, Vegetarian plan – $113.90, Meal prep – $119.

Types of menu – They accommodate most dietary preferences for losing weight, however, their menu fits also people who want to follow macro balanced nutrition. You may order A La Carte.

Delivery area – They service the whole U.S, including Alaska and Hawaii.


  • Starting from $5.80 per meal if opting for A La Carte. Shipping is free.


  • Contact them by email, phone, or Live Chat.

#10 Factor 75

Factor 75 main page

Short Overview

Last but not least, the best meal delivery service for singles is Factor 75. This company offers over 20 dietician-crafted-designed recipes for your weekly nourishment and always rotating menus. Their chefs craft recipes the way you do not spend time on cooking. Only reheat using your microwave and dive into the gastronomic experience. Factor 75 sources only fresh and healthy ingredients from their local partners, which are all free of refined sugars, antibiotics, and hormones. This home food delivery for one person is good for those who love low-carb, low-calorie recipes with plant-based and ketogenic-smart ingredients. What people love the most about them is the possibility of consulting their wellness coach to get information on foods that will fit their current diets or lifestyle. Beyond that, Factor 75 has a nutritionist blog where many solutions on following active and healthy life are mentioned.

Cost per week -4 recipe plan – $60, 6 recipe plan – $77, 8 recipe plan – $99, 12 recipe plan – $138, 18 recipe plan – $198.

Types of menu – Paleo, Keto, Gluten-free options and menu.

Delivery area – Their delivery area currently covers 48 states.


  • With 4 meal plans, $15 is per recipe; 6 meal plans, $12.83 is per recipe; 8 meal plan, $12.83 is per recipe; 12 meal plan, $11.50 is per recipe; 18 meal plan, $11 is per recipe. Adds-on vary in cost starting from $8.99 up to $30. Shipping is free.


  • You may contact them by phone, email, and live chat. They also have a FAQs page to address your inquiry.

As you may see, there are many and many meal kit services that fit both family-sized customers, couples, and single person orders. To one’s surprise, there is a service that also covers the areas of Hawaii/Alaska, which is commonly rare. The prices vary among all of them, however, it is possible to speak of affordability since their prices are not so high, especially, taking into consideration qualitative ingredients found with all of them.

Most of the representatives of the meal kit industry mentioned above help to cut the prices by offering bundles and even certificates for a gift to your beloved ones or friends. Beyond that, there are those who are friendly when it comes to customization and losing weight healthily. Choose one single person service and find the same delicacy as with the most popular services. Vegan, Keto, Paleo, gluten-free diets, and non-trite combinations of ingredients to nourish your eating routine in 2023.

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